Ocean of Light Tai Chi 

… using the evidence-based form of Tai Chi Chih, a series of 19 Qigong Movements, to heal ourselves in mind, body and spirit.


This practice promotes:

Improved Health


Increased Awareness of Presence


A Natural Capacity for Compassion and Loving-Kindness

Dennis has been working for the past 21 years as Director of Spiritual Care for two Connecticut health systems. Known originally as a meditation teacher, ten years ago he became certified as a Tai Chi Chih teacher to incorporate “moving meditation,” into the healing practice of physical, mental, and spiritual care.

Dennis is founder of the Middlesex Health Center for Mindfulness and Compassion. He continues to teach Tai Chi Chih for health care workers, patients and members of the community. He believes Tai Chi is one of the best practices for healing our deeper wounds caused by grief, anxiety, stress and social alienation.

According to Dennis, “Tai Chi helps us to heal our inner wounds which, being uncomfortable in themselves, may manifest as physical, mental, emotional or spiritual distress. Tai Chi Chih, which can be practiced standing or in a seated position, can help heal these wounds and prevent their deepening and causing further damage manifesting as physical debilitation, anxiety, or depression.”

The form that Dennis teaches, T’ai Chi Chih, (pronounced “chu” and means “the essence”) is easy to learn, immediately effective, and promotes healing on all levels as it incorporates movement, mindfulness and compassion. He supplements the movement with deepening instruction on the meaning of Qi and various forms of meditation. He makes all of this easily accessible to those interested in the goal of deepening and easing their experience of life.

Dennis McCann, BCC, PhD

Certified Tai Chi Chih Instructor

Former Director of The Middlesex Health Department of Spiritual Care and the current program director of The Middlesex Health Center for Mindfulness and Compassion


What is T’ai Chi Chih?

This set of 19 movements and one pose is a soft, flowing, moving meditation practiced by tens of thousands of people around the world. It’s easy to learn and brings evidence-based benefits to many.

Wide-Ranging Health Benefits

T’ai Chi Chih brings about profound healing for many people by circulating and balancing the essential energy (Chi). For some it may be physical, for others emotional, and others spiritual.

In the News

Academic research studies, news reports and stories about teachers and students spread the word about the many benefits of doing T’ai Chi Chih.  Visit taichichih.org

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